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Our Short-Term Stay & Transitional Care Program

Staying with us should be easy. We aim to ensure all residents feel as safe, comfortable, and secure as they would in their own homes. That also means providing the flexibility and empathy that residents would expect from their own families.

It’s common for assisted living facilities to require a 60-days minimum stay for their respite programs, but we understand that can be a big commitment. That’s why our minimum stays are only 30-days long — though you are certainly welcome to stay longer. Life changes, and we want to support you when it does.

Best of all, our respite programs offer access to all the same treatments, programs, and amenities that our long-term residents enjoy. Whether you want a temporary retreat or a trial stay to find out if our community is the right fit, you and your family can count on a complete experience without making a long-term commitment.

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Why Choose Respite Care?

Respite care provides access to professional, personalized support for as long as each resident needs, with a 30 days minimum stay.

People generally choose respite care for 1 of 3 reasons.

Even the most loving family members and guardians sometimes need time to rest. Placing a loved one in respite care for a brief period can allow these primary caregivers to recharge and refocus, allowing them to provide the best support possible when they return.

Respite care can provide much-needed additional support for seniors who have been discharged from hospitals or rehabilitation facilities.

Sometimes, staying in rehab or a hospital isn’t possible, but families might still feel that their loved one would benefit from professional care. Respite care can be a stable and secure environment while residents get used to new medicines and therapies. It can also provide additional supervision to keep them safe.

Choosing an assisted living community can be a big decision, and some people aren’t comfortable committing all at once. Respite care can be a way to “try before you buy” so that seniors and their families know exactly what a community has to offer.

Individuals who finish their respite care stay with us are under no obligation to return, but many choose to become full-time residents once they experience our hospitality. We’re always thrilled when a temporary resident decides to come back so that we can keep enriching their experience.

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Visit our community and see it up close. We’re on Greentree Road, just across the street from Ott’s On The Green Bar & Grill.

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