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Rose Lane: Leading Alzheimer’s Care with the Comforts of Home

Many adults experience cognitive decline and memory loss as they age. When they do, it’s vital to make sure they have a supportive environment.

We understand that people dealing with memory loss require stimulation and safety, as well as care and comfort. That’s why we’ve developed the Rose Lane Neighborhood: a unique community with features and programs designed specifically for residents dealing with Alzheimer’s and other cognitive challenges.

Rose Lane provides a comforting, familiar atmosphere that supports residents physically and emotionally. By prioritizing structure and security, we ensure that residents can maintain their dignity and feel in control of their own lives while we look after their unique needs.

Our Personal, Professional, & Proactive Approach

Rose Lane is all about providing optimal memory care in a nurturing environment that still feels like home. We recognize that every individual has a distinct mind with particular needs, so we work with residents and their families to create personalized wellness plans tailored to their goals.

The Rose Lane staff have specific skills and in-depth experience from years of caring for people with memory loss. They fully embody our compassion for others, our dedication to high-quality treatment, and our sincere investment in the continued well-being of every resident.

Residents who join our Rose Lane Neighborhood enjoy a special and diverse range of services, including:

The apartment units at Rose Lane have been built specifically for residents dealing with impaired memory. We use contrasting color schemes and elegant minimalist layouts to make daily tasks simple and straightforward so that residents can maintain high levels of independence.

Individuals living at Rose Lane are empowered to make their own choices, but assistance is always available. We’ve designed these apartments so that all amenities can be effortlessly accessed, and our staff is constantly ready to help when needed.

Mealtimes aren’t just about nutrition; they’re also vital for socializing. We encourage social engagement for our Rose Lane residents by providing cozy dining areas with small tables to facilitate easy and focused conversation.

Creating a more intimate dining experience at Rose Lane also helps reduce pressure during meals. Our staff is trained to minimize wait times and long lines,assisting residents in staying calm and comfortable from the moment they enter to the moment they leave. To complete the effect, all food is cooked and served home-style for greater familiarity and convenience.

Familiar routines are key to supporting residents with memory loss. Our program of events and activities at Rose Lane is designed to be consistent and reassuring for residents so they can remain stimulated and engaged without being overwhelmed by surprises.

We care about making sure residents can receive the care they need, no matter when they need it. That’s why we use licensed nurses to provide our personal care services and devise wellness plans for each individual.

We also offer onsite medical treatment and round-the-clock personal care staff so that help is always immediate and nearby when needed. At Rose Lane, we treat your family like our family.

Support Services

  • 24/7 onsite personal care staff
  • Onsite registered nursing team
  • Routine health assessments
  • Individualized plans for wellness services
  • Scheduled transportation
  • Daily light housekeeping
  • Weekly housekeeping & linen service
  • Medication management
  • Support groups
  • Specially trained staff
  • Secured environment

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Visit our community and see it up close. We’re on Greentree Road, just across the street from Ott’s On The Green Bar & Grill.

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